Speaker Boxxx


Personal project

I got this reasonably powerful low-end bluetooth speaker as a gift, and I commuted to work at RockTenn on my bicycle every day. Using headphones on a bike is dangerous, so this speaker provided an opportunity to enjoy music while riding. I was able to rapidly ideate features thanks to the resources at RockTenn. I used an oscillating CNC knife table to make a bunch of iterations out of E-flute. I could have used plain brown, but would you? Slack is built into the straps for shock resistance, and there's a hole for a charging cable and volume control. The top is sealed with a modified Arthur lock in case you need to remove the speaker.

I took this bike off a lot of curbs and rode through a lot of snow. The box never showed signs of deterioration, but the speaker died because of the cold. At least it died uttering the calm flow.