Rabbit Mask


DAAP school project

2-ply Bristol board

Objective: design a mask made from one piece of 19'' x 24'' Bristol paper that represents a recognizable face or creature. The mask must be held together with no adhesive, and had to be assembled by a stranger in under 20 minutes from cut and scored paper using printed instructions. I took inspiration from the self-supporting folds of origami to make a sturdy solution. The ears make up a huge two thirds of the mask's weight, so keeping them stable was a problem. I solved it by adding triangular supports to the back, and using innovative locking tabs for strength.

Some people have asked for instructions, so you can download the .zip file here. Don't be a hero—please use staples and glue and stuff, even though I wasn't allowed to. Some people have also asked if they can pay me for it. Thanks! You can do that too, via PayPal below. Please wait until you've made your mask, and it all worked out.