CNC poster series


I made these portrait posters with a 5’ x 10’ CNC router, the RPC's KOMO that lives in the DAAP shop. Instead of a cutting tool, I used a plastic Sharpie holder with a spring inside that keeps the marker pressed against the paper. I made black and white versions of images in Photoshop and Illustrator, then used Rhino to turn the black areas into a surface that Powermill could recognize. One Sharpie can draw about 5,000 inches before the line gets too wide or the ink gets dry-looking, so all of them are about 5,000 inches of line besides J Dilla, which uses two passes that meet in the middle. They're all 36” in the smallest dimension, because I had a 36” roll of paper. Go big or go home!

Next: continuous-line drawings, abstract art, conductive ink pens, calligraphy, ???

Frank Ocean.

It looks like this in Powermill.


J Dilla.

Lightnin' Hopkins.

Missy Elliott.